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The Inquiry continues...2018

A wise woman once said to me "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" (little did I know Albert Einstein had said the same thing and look where it got him!).

My inquiry for 2017 looked at addressing our 'Achievement Challenge number 4: Raising the achievement of boys writing and specifically using effective & engaging strategies to lift the achievement of boys’ writing. As I reflect on my inquiry in 2017, I felt I had learnt a lot about my capabilities as a COLs teacher and realised that  I only knew what I knew because I was comfortable and felt safe in the knowing of it.  I knew how to motivate my class to write by offering exciting things to learn, but when it came to outputs and actually writing for achievement, sadly their results were well below my expectations.

This year, I want to continue addressing this challenge, because I felt I didn't do enough, nor did I challenge myself to do the best that I could'…